MECANIZADOS ESPECIALES manufactures 2 pieces for a project of the UNIVERSIDAD DE VALENCIA-IPL within the framework of the MISSION ASIM

(instrument MXGS) from ESA (European Space Agency)

The Atmosphere-Space Interaction Monitor (ASIM) is an international space mission for the International Space Station, to be installed in the Columbus module. The objective of ASIM is the study of optical emissions in the stratosphere and mesosphere (known as "red sprites", "blue jets", "elves" or, in general, Transient Light Phenomena, or TLEs) and of the emission in high energies (X-rays and Gamma rays) associated with large storms.

MXGS (Monitor X-ray and Gamma-ray Sensor) is ASIM's high-energy, image-generating detector.

MXGS is being developed by the University of Valencia (Spain), the University of Bergen (Norway) and NSI / DTU (Denmark).

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