Our experience in machining goes from unit piece to small and medium mass production. Therefore, we have the necessary machinery and the best qualified personnel to achieve our success with customers. Nowadays, we are working for a great of diversity sectors: car, electrical, food industry, machinery assembly, aircraft mechanic, nuclear, valve industry, ..

In the traditional machining we can offer solutions for the repairing world, both installations and all kind of machinery.
With the means Mecanizados Especiales has, we can offer to our customers the possibility of machining different type of mass production. We have the most advanced and modern technology for the realization of complex machining operations.

Both traditional and numerical control machining work with all kind of materials: hight strength stainless such as 15.5 ph, 17.4 ph, carpenter 13.8 ph, MLX family, cobre-berilio (CuBe), titanium, inconel,…

We have Cad-Cam tool with whom we send CNC programs to our machines.
Cimatron E offers the possibility of 3D design easy to use. And with powerful tools for defining surfaces, we perform a machining process by numerical control, which highlights for main features:

The blank, control of residual material, finish and the use of technology for high speed milling (HSM)
It translates IGES, SAT, STEP DFS format and CATIA.

We have a technical office for the design and development of parts and tools.
We translate IGES, SAT, STEP DFS format and CATIA.
We develop products for the automotive, aeronautics, food and defense sectors.

For checking our final products, we have different gauges, micrometers alexometers and both exterior and interior, we have a three-dimensional ZEISS MC-850 700 * 850 * 600 DEA controlled B3CLC SOFTWARE MEASUREMENT TRIGGER and PC-DMIS CAD WINDOWS (module geometry and surfaces).
The probe is powered TESASTAR-M. With On-site Test according to ISO 10 360-2 Standard + + Calibration Certificate ENAC ENAC ..

. Interior micrometers (Ø 4 - Ø 400)
. External micrometers (Ø 0 - Ø 500)
. HB hardness
. Profilometers
. Gauge blocks

We also have a quality system that ensures monitoring of the manufactured parts, and has been accredited with ISO 9001:2015 & 9100:2016 certification for the company "Lloyd's

Mecanizados Especiales has three welding systems: TIG, MIG and electrode. We also can make assembly of different structures.
. PRAXAIR PHOENIX 400 PROGRESS: All kind of materials; aluminium, stainless, brass,…
. PRAXAIR 300 PUL COMPACT: All kind of materials: aluminium, stainless, brass, ..
. ARGON STAR 351: High performance in argon
. INE 380
. INE 251


We are currently working for diverse selection of customers including those from the automotive, electrical, food and packaging, paper manufacturing, aerospace, nuclear and valve manufacturing sectors of industry.
Our range of products is defined by our customers’ requirements. The service provided by TAMESA delivers the finished component to the customer within agreed price and time.
We make custom furniture for all kinds of workshops.